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I have always believed that an individual’s personality can be determined by the way he/she does up the living space in their house or elsewhere, lots can be construed about the nature and behavior as well. I personally believe in open, clutter less spaces with minimal furniture which is all highly functional and i can very well relate it with personality traits like having an open mind and being an extrovert and articulating my thoughts rather too clearly ending up being rude to some people quiet often :((.

I have often found myself entering somebody’s house and trying to relate the interiors with the way the person is, if i know the person well from before it is not very interesting but if i am visiting the place for the first time and the person is also just an acquaintance then my brain is immensely tickled. I have also found myself making assumptions about behavioral patterns of individuals based upon the way they have done up their living spaces…for example a white couch gives an impression of modernity and keeping one updated with the latest trends whereas a black leather couch goes to say that the person is very risk averse and likes to play it safe most of the time.

I recently visited a cousin’s place in Bombay and came to know that the interiors were done by the owner of the apartment who also happens to be an actress, i was rather amazed to see the classy feel exhibited through the furniture which is rather missing from the kind of cinema that she ends up doing, anyhow am sure and so was well affirmed by others that she would have had no role in getting the interiors done, so guess that says it all.

Try it out at a friend’s place the next time and maybe this helps you know him/her better….do let me know if any of you have had similar experiences…

I am back after a very long hiatus and without getting into what kept me away for so long i would like to obtain individuals views on whether Recession is the right time to start a new venture. Lets look at the pros and cons of recession though one would obviously believe that something as bad as recession can have no pros but i guess it does, bad times either in business or in personal life do force us to concentrate on our mistakes and also give us time to realise the kind of progress that we have made.

Just like we reap what we sow, recessionary period is also a result of cumulative mistakes, though the recession that we are all living in right now has a lot to do with the fallacies of human nature but without going there lets concentrate on whether we can derive some good out of it. I personally would vote against recession being the right time to start a new venture as people are less keen to spend money and get into the savings mode to try to save for the future and worst times. But cynics would say that recession is great to start something new as the costs are lower and skill set is available at a cheaper price.

Let me enhance the discussion by elaborating on what kind of a new venture am i referring to – a designer wear collection, now i have still not made up my mind as to whether i should start it from a base location or if this should be completely mobile. Traditionally i would need to take up a place, which itself in a city like Bangalore is going to cost me a bomb because it seems as if recession has not even touched the real estate market in this city. So a handsome amount of money will go towards acquiring a decent size place in an upscale community like Indira nagar, Koramangala or around MG road, as compared to that wouldn’t it help if i invested that amount of money in my collection instead and go mobile…i fully well understand everybody’s confusion on a designer store going mobile but that’s something about which i am keen to know everybody’s response and am also seeking suggestions on.

Secondly i am trying to source designer wear and highlight some hidden talent for which i want to get introduced to some fledgling designers who are eagerly waiting to showcase their talent, i cant go the tested and proven route coz i am just starting up and hence cannot stock Ritu Kumar’s and Rocky S’s. I would rather go for the more amateur designers as i personally believe in a lot of innovation.

Hopefully this post of mine would have given you an idea of what to expect in my future posts, it’s all gonna be about my new venture and i would constantly seek everybody’s feedback just as a confirmation to know that i am on the right track.

I recently joined a startup thinking that maybe i will eventually like doing what i have been doing for the last 5 years(in terms of work) due to a change in environment and a completely different atmosphere to the one that i have been exposed to. But to nobody else’s surprise but mine it didnt happen….i am still as unsatisfied as ever, still dont know if this is the right way to build a career, or to even stay afloat in such a tough market where skilled resource is freely available.

Introspecting on the reasons why i am forced to conclude this, the biggest glitch that comes to my mind is lack of planning. In a company with a total strength of maybe 50 people hiring even one more employee should be a collective decision of the management, clients and maybe even the project team(if the person is being hired for a particular project, as in my case). Let me elaborate on why i think these people should be a party in the selection process, management  will obviously identify the need based on client requirements and then try to fill it, the responsibility to provide clarity about the profile can be best provided by the client as they produce the requirement. Its is managements role to identify somebody who best suits the client requirements, the team plays a critical role too as they are the ones who will include this new person in their team and make him/her feel comfortable and optimistic about his/her career growth. Even if one of these fail at doing their part right the complete hiring process can go wrong.

Providing the right level of motivation to a new hire (especially a lateral hire) is as important as retaining an old timer and hence commands considerable investment of time and money. Its is important to have clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the new hire before bringing him/her on board, its important to see an alignment between the individuals goals and the goals of the company on the whole, unless these factors are considered it is hard to retain a person who is still fickle minded and has once risked being in the open market…that too not long back!!!

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Though my post is not gonna talk about 26/11 or any other terrorist attacks or calamities before that….my post is very mean and talks about our very own relationships, wherein we do or say things and move ahead, don’t these small incidences of bitterness change everything? I think they do….think about it… the question is can we avoid this and insulate our relationship from all that we dont wanna hear, from all that will change how we look at each other forever…can we? 

Don’t we just move ahead the next day thinking that “Its Allright” but is that the truth or is it just postponement of whats coming…a change in our perspective, a change in how we look at LIFE, a change in our personalities, a change in our motto to live life fully each day, a change and the biggest one in how we feel for each other. It just changes everything and indeed nothing will ever be the same again….

It was indeed a clear choice, after my last post on an enquiry about the pros and cons of a Kindle and a Sony e Reader lots changed in my life and i didnt even get an opportunity to thank all who helped me make a decision. So for starters we relocated from the US to India, my husband stayed back midway in London and i took a vacation with my folks….got back to the grind only a few weeks back and am still trying to settle down, now both of us are back finally, still in different cities but trying to get down to one.

Well a post will follow-on why has it been difficult making room for myself in my own country….even when i have been away for only 3 years….but this ones dedicated to the Kindle only. So post my enquiry i met up with a Kindle owner through these common groups that Amazon has in place for people to share their experiences on Kindle….i finally held a Kindle at a Borders in Thousand Oak, CA and liked it instantly, the feel was perfect, it was extremely sleek and something about the placement of the buttons gave me a feeling of utter simplicity. I didnt immediately go deep into the functions and stuff but was informed by the owner that its pretty easy to move around, the best thing was being able to buy books instantly without even going through the hassle of entering ur credit card details. The owner was kind enough to share her experiences and one of them i particularly remember was when she told me that she could use the Whispernet to buy books on kindle while she was on a cruise from the US mainland to Hawaii…she was so excited about it that it just registered with me…it indeed is great and makes me wonder at how much can get done with just the click of a few buttons…thanks to the internet and the founders of Kindle.

My Kindle delivery did get a little delayed but it just seemed long also as i was eagerly waiting for it…i had bought books and they were also delivered to my kindle even before i had the device in my hand…it indeed was a great idea to buy a kindle and i have to thank my husband as i wouldnt have bought it without his constant reminders and detailed discussions with me about how much would i love it and how handy it would be to have lots of books on one device and also to be able to read it from there, i always kept going back with the argument that it would be nothing like holding an actual book and reading it. Thankfully he could coax me to buy it and now i am very happy with my decision…i carry it with me all the time, in fact it has been a boon in India where it takes ages to get from one place to another be it work or home.

The battery life is awesome, i can run mine without charging throughout weekdays and then in case i use it constantly on the weekends i need to charge it once and its up and running for the next entire week…the inbuilt dictionary is easy to access and finally the ability to write notes fulfills all the necessities of a reader like me. Am delighted with the performance and would encourage people to buy it as now its available in an International version as well, i missed it and hence can’t use Whispernet or the wi-fi in India, dont know why Amazon is able to  enable that on my Kindle too, on an enquiry they suggested selling the US kindle and buying the international one, but i think i am fine with it right now….maybe upgrades will come later…till then ciao and hope this helps indecisive people like me make the right decision.

Recently i have been contemplating buying an eReader, as you would have guessed from my earlier posts (or the complete lack of posts) i am getting to a stage in life wherein its better and maybe more peaceful for me to divert my attention from life itself and the most constructive way to do so is to dive into the world of books…let me not expand on that and get straight to the topic on hand which is the ability to make the right choice.  I had obviously not donemuch research about the eReaders and had almost come to a decision that Kindle would be the right choice for me…now when i think about it guess it was mostly coz of the intensive advertising of the product on the net and also the launch of DX very recently. 

A few days back a cousin of mine told me that he had picked up a Sony eReader for his wife during one of his trips to London and that iswhen it occurred to me that there are other products that i should consider before a make a decision of buying somethingworth close to $400(with the case that i have in mind).  I read a little bit on the comparison between the 2 devices…some of these blogs with comparisons are highly technical and i was completely blown off but some of them were informative and made me aware of stuff like i would be unable to use the wireless service of Kindle outside the US and hence would have to resort to the regular way of plugging the device to my laptop and loading an eBook( exactly like the Sony eReader). Secondly the other restriction that i came to know about was that to buy a book from the Amazon eStore which Kindle accesses i necessarily need to have a credit card with a US billing address, which is strange to me but that is how it is.

The only drawback with Sony that i could understand from most of the reviews that i read was that it will not support DOC and hence it needs to be converted to RTF using a free converter called Caliber…all thats ok but now i wanna find out the format most eBooks are sold out in. The Sony eReader is almost &100 bucks cheaper as compared to the kindle, the screen size is the same, aesthetics look similar and with a couple of buttons here and there nobody seems to have a mjor problem with the placement of the menu items.  I have heard great reviews about Kindle’s battery life, still not read a lot about Sony on that front…that will surely be a factor to consider for somebody like me who wants to own an eReader for the convenience of not having to buy and carry bookloads with me. Its an ideal choice for people like me who have been moving from one corner of the world to the other, with the airline’s restrictions on baggage weight getting stricter day by day i have always had to leave my books behind, mostly distributing it among friends.

Any suggestions which would help me make this decision are more than welcome…i have a deadline of mid July to buy the eReader so please be kind enough to provide inputs before that.

Needed to edit this post just to clarify that reading the book on a 6″ display with the E Ink screen is am sure a completely different experience than reading it through the iphone App, i am sure abt that coz i personally own an iPhone and its not a great idea to read a book on a palm size display especially coz the battery keeps dyign out as the 3G iPhone has only a day long battery life as compared to the 4 day battery life of the older model. Had read about it as an alternative to eReader’s on a couple of blogs but wouldnt suggest anybody to go for it….nahh not a great idea.

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“Freedom of choice is more to be treasured than any possession earth can give.”

— David O. McKay

This is probably the best quote that i have read ever, the important question though is that do we aptly exercise our Freedom of Choice or do we mostly give in to others choice of influencing us and making us do what they want. This very very short and simple sentence has a lot of meaning and energy as these others are the people whom we love and when we get influenced by them we usually are under the impression that we are exercising our choice of getting influenced and hence there is nothing wrong about it and we are still FREE…

There comes a stage in life when you realise the duplicity of your choice and then you wanna break away from the dependance of your choice on others,  sometimes life gives us options to do so amiably but mostly we have to bear the brunt of it for the rest of our lives….

“What man wants is simply independent choice, whatever that may cost and wherever it may lead.”

— Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Isnt the title misleading?? if i am lazyyyy what gives me the motivation to right?? to tell you the truth its my laziness again…motivation spurs from demotivation…you wanna work and make things better if they arent…so effectively you work and think harder in not so conducive situations. But truly i am not hear to preach about how to get oneself motivated in a not so happening situation, why i am here is because i wanna write what i feel, wanna feel better after reading what i write…ok so finally i have succeeded in confusing everybody…people my posts as well as my blog is for confused people only…people who know what they want from there lives are barred from reading the stuff outta here neither are they invited to even occassionaly glance through.

Everytime without fail before starting to write i have 100 things going inside my head that i want to write about and then i start linking them and realize that all those are result of my personal circumstances and hence should not be put up on the blog…it would be unfair to torture people with such confusing and out of the world life situations that i always find myself in.

In this state of mind the best thing to do is to grab a book and not leave the comfortable seat of your reading chair until and unless you are done with it completely, i have been looking for nail biting kinda stuff that i cannot stop myself from reading for quiet some time now but havent come across any as yet…any suggestions in this area are more than welcome, have a long hold queue for 2 books in the library and everyday i open my inbox with the hope of seeing an email from the lib saying that yeah its your turn now but no like every other good thing this will make we wait forever too.

Work is a drag too…my company supposedly got a fairly big deal at the client space though nothing seems to have changed, like any other indian company there is no celebration and wont it be stupid to celebrate in this kinda economy but i would say why not, i would rather feel more like celebrating coz its anytime a bigger deal to get another project when the market is tanking so bad…its an attitude issue and will take long to resolve.

I am reading this post again and again and it is hard for me to comprehend the essence of it, i leave it for the reader to judge whether they want to keep visiting this blog or not, if they decide not to then i would just add them to the list of people who have already completely given up on me….huhhh

Its been long since i felt like writing…or should i say its been long since i heard, saw or did something interesting(not to forget my 1 week vacation in Hawaii)….i have been the laziest bum ever….everything and everybody is slow and lazy, the buzzing and whizzing seems to have died down, people are afraid of losing jobs, not being able to pay mortgages or rents, not having enough to go for a vacation, not seeing many job oppurtunities in the market, not being able to make money in stocks, not being able to do anything to there consistently reducing 401K’s….not, not not…the energy levels have died down….over and above this, like an icing on the cake Credit card companies have started sending out yearly spending reports to there clients, these reports are nothing but a statement of all your money which has gone down the drain in the last one year….how would u feel looking at it right now when u r cursing urself anyways for not holding on enough cash and for not being able to restrict ur splurging instincts….

These *%%$%# reports will take you through the details of every damn restaurant, club or bar where u placed ur &^& and will also tell you how expensive that measly act was…it also shows you item by item what you bought in this entire year, some of it you have already used and thrown off…i am like why the hell is it still talking abt those wine bottles and chocolates and what nots and we dont even have those anymore….what can u say?? or do??

Anyways dont mind this blabbering of mine, just ignore and be happy. Enjoy the biggest recession ever….atleast we will have some inspiring stories to tell our kids…stories of our struggling times…huh!!  zzzzzzzzz

Isn’t it high time since we started looking out of our very restricted circles of knowledge and information to the WORLD at large, to a WORLD which consists of families who lost people in 9/11, 7/11 and now 26/11…not to undermine the other calamities that have now become a part of our lives, to which we cant even devote much attention because every sixmonths there are way larger incidents to occupy our minds….aren’t we sick of this? yes we are but what can we do about it? isn’t that a question which every youngster like you or me is asking ourselves…i am sure we all are asking ourselves the same question because no matter how aloof we seem to be we all are affected by the loss of a loved one, the loss of our freedom, the loss of our capability to move and think freely, the loss of sanity, the loss of everything that makes up for LIFE….

I have been thinking about this, have been shedding tears each and every time i read or watch a clip of the Bombay calamity, have been empathizing sitting here with the people over there…but is that enough…is there nothing else we can do? I am sure there is and i am determined to find it out,  its not important for it to be directly linked to helping out people affected with these incidents but definitely with protecting LIFE and LOVE in which we all believe so much and care so much about. Can we imagine ourselves going through the pain of losing a loved one, can we put ourselves in there shoes and try to react, i think its the most helpless state to be in, the most scary and hence it gives me the most energy and vigour to work towards helping US to make this a better place to live in.

We all in our very rich lives earn much more money that we need for our basic needs and even for the more than basic things that we find ourselves indulging in, can we make a vow to ourselves to share a meagre part of that income with children who have nobody to care for, with children who deserve to be educated so that they cannot be misinformed and led into not so desirous activities in the future, with children who have never ever had the opportunity or should i say the fortune to be with there parents – to have even a single loved one around, with children who have seen there siblings shatter and die in front of there own eyes, with children who were left after they were born in maybe trash cans, with children who need our love, support and most of all our money, whatever we can spare, it will go a long way in building there future, there LIFE.

Is there a bigger pleasure in realizing that you are helping out a helpless child, a child who would have have had no education if not for your and your friends help. I am determined to indulge in that kind of a pleasure and i request you all to be participants in this kind deed, lets work on improving our karma, lets work together to bring light to a child’s life, lets take a resolve in sparing a 50 bucks a month to bring a little PEACE to this world.

My next post will be followed by more information on how we can help out these kids, i am working with a couple of organizations to carve out a way to show these kids how much we LOVE them and to give them a confidence that they can have a better LIFE. Please respond to this post with your thoughts and ideas on how can we make this happen and if you would be interested in being part of this JOURNEY.

May we say that this is the best way to lead your life… stay hungry – for work, for information, for knowledge, for love, for happiness, for everything else that according to you makes your life complete. Is that an ideal state to be in is what i am contemplating right now….is it bad to be satisfied, is it a roadblock in your personal growth to think that you have achieved what you were here for, what we call “Dharma” which says that every person born has a very unique aim and a purpose for which he is brought on earth.

Stay foolish still makes more sense to me as it directs towards being humble and at the same time being able to respect others shortcomings if any. Hope people who are drowned in the grandeur of success think a bit deeply on this and start respecting the people around them and start treating them with a little more compassion, if you are able to achieve a particular milestone in life it doesn’t means that you have achieved it all and you have the liberty to look down on people who are still caught up in the mad-race coz believe me you are in it too and you aren’t even prepared to handle it well if you don’t show signs of foolishness….signs of still learning and growing with each chapter of life.

The fact that they are together for each and every day, eat out of the same plate, sleep on the same bed, share similar habits & tastes, go for walks together, have similar aspirations and dreams makes husband and wife inseparable. Now suddenly one day you realize that you are left alone either here or in another world, how would you feel? would you feel helpless? what can you do about it? you had no choice….isnt it the scariest situation that life or no life can present you with???

People who are forced to walk away dont even know what do they leave behind….they leave a void where there was love and presence in abundance, the fact that they are around isnt big unless and until the void appears to be approaching, they are taken for granted, there presence is considered as a permanent factor until and unless they start showing signs of disappearing completely. Isnt it funny the way we get irritated with each other, times we fight, dont talk to each other or end up sleeping on the far corners of the same bed….think about this, just imagine that person disappearing from that far corner completely, would you be able to take that? wont that be hard on you? i find it not only hard but impossible to imagine the kind of helpless or out of the world feeling that either partner faces in such situations.

Life doesnt always presents us with the best of the best situations but every day that we spend with our respective partner is THE best day and should be considered as the most precious gift that God can bestow us with because life without your partner my friends is no life at all….so grasp the first chance that you get to hug him(in my case), hold him tight and make him feel special…atleast for you !!!

Reason for this insight is a family tragedy that has made me think deep.

What is the big secret of mythology ? Is RRamayana or Mahabharata true? Do the gods that we pray to ever existed here where all of us do? Iwonder if they actually did, because if they did then why isn’t there any evidence to prove it (apart from a few archaeological evidences) and if they didn’t then who cooked up all these stories, how do we know that Brindavan is the birth place of  Krishna who was Arjuna’s guide and mate in the great War of Mahabharata which led to the great writings of Bhagvad Gita which is one of the best reads of any time.

Bhagvad Gita so simply talks about such practical issues of life, regular challenges that a household or a Business faces, relationships, love and hatred all in one place. Ifind it hard to believe that all this is baseless and was created just out of the blue and at the same time i find it hard to believe that all this did exist that Hanuman burned entire Lanka to save Sita from Ravana, that Ram left his kingdom for 14 years and roamed around in the jungles on foot…. 

I hate to dispute the sanctity of Mahabharata only because it is hard for me to believe that Bhagvad Gita was written by a human being, because if it was then that person is a highly spritual and enlightened individual who should be exposed to the world and given his position among the so called Spiritual Gurus of the World (am sure he would not care for that). Gita has portrayed basic ideas of life and self in a amazingly beautiful way, talks about possibly all the facets of life….hats off to the CREATOR.

Isnt it true that as a marriage starts getting older the couple develops more and more similar habits, they say that husband and wife start looking alike 20 or 30 years into there marriage or maybe earlier….isnt it strange in today’s world where a guy sometimes gets married to a girl oceans apart and they are completely different in terms of looks. I guess its more because they start behaving similarly in like situations or they develop liking for a common activity which didn’t excite them so much earlier.

Lately i have seen couples engaging in completely different activities and calling it Independence, isn’t that a breach of marriage, i don’t say that when we get married we vouch for liking or participating in anything and everything that the other person likes but on a lighter note if you think about it and if you think about the limited time that we have in the already screwed up schedules due to work and our way of life isn’t it fair to spend the rest with the partner that you had actually chosen to spend your good and bad times with.

We have our own space and in valuing that we have lost the essence of companionship, the happiness that one derives in saying no to ones own irressitible urge to go on a shopping spree and as compared to that accompanying the other in something that they want to do say for example watching a basketball match on tv (sounds difficult i know). Maybe my idea of companionship is too over bearing for some people but i would wanna hear different views too.

I still love squeezing all my activities and spend as much time doing what i like the most because i live in the NOW and i know it might not stay like this forever, like i say as my NOW shifts but i will still strive to do as much justice to the marriage vows as i can.

“The mystery of life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced.”

— Aart Van Der Leeuw

I wonder what happiness means to us, to me or to Abhi or to all the other people with whom we interact on a daily basis. I am sure its much more than its presented to be and i am sure its worth much more also because its so hard to find it, i mean when we dont even know what it is how will we ever know if we have ever found it.

Isnt it confusing…? thats excatly the state that i am in right now CONFUSION!!!! I strive to be happy every day but if i come to think about it i dont have a simple answer as to what it is….is it having good food, is it seeing Abhi happy, is it being appreciated at work or is it going shopping?? If its any one of these things then i can say that i have had my happy moments but if its not any of the above then can i say that i have never been happy?? Is that true and should i be devastated today by the discovery of the fact that maybe i have never been happy or will never be able to be happy ever….

Do we believe in the statement that “Happiness comes from within”, comes from a belief in the NOW, its next to impossible to look for happiness outside and to measure it, it can mean different things to different people hence there is no benchmark against which you can measure it and say that ok i am doin fine in experiencing my share of it. I am happy in my NOW but as my NOW shifts i will have to strive to be happy again….guess thats what LIFE’s all about. Is It?


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